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Pyramid scripts In recent years, the Internet is becoming more and more popular earnings in the pyramids. Despite Mavrodi and his MMM, the number of participants in such projects, not only does not fall, but on the contrary is growing. Many participants have never worked anywhere and their main income is participation in the pyramids. It is not difficult to guess that the owners of the pyramids earn no less than the participants, and even more. And if ordinary participants can lose everything at once, then the admins have nothing to risk. Here You can buy the script of the pyramid and open your project. There are several types of pyramids. All our scripts are neatly packaged in subsections, so you can easily find and order the pyramid script you are interested in from the category you need.

Investment project HYIP scripts – this is almost a classic type of pyramid, many of them imagine it, but do not know that they are so called.
HYIP offers high interest rates for a short period of time (for example, 100% per week). Participants invest money in the system, forming its fund, from which payments to participants are paid. Subsequent at the expense of the previous ones. At the moment when there is nothing to pay with, the pyramid collapses and the last depositors are left with nothing, and the first ones double their contribution. Admins earn money by withdrawing a fixed percentage from each deposit. You can buy a HYIP and try yourself as an administrator.

MLM, matrices, Financial pyramid-a pyramid that can not burst, but will fade over time.A classic example is the GoldLine script. Participants attract new users and receive a reward from each invitee. And not only from those personally invited, but also from those who were invited by referrals. Usually there are several referral levels, for example, in the GoldLine script there are seven of them. The so-called matrix scripts also belong to this section. Apart from the classic MLM scripts, you can distinguish MLM games. These are all sorts of economic online games with money withdrawal. You can buy a pyramid script in the category “pyramids” or choose the script you are interested in in one of the subsections.

Buy books (SAR script) Books (or SAR-Active Advertising System) is a multifunctional service for aggressive website promotion. Some users (advertisers) order the viewing of ads, others (clickers) watch this ad for a small fee. In addition, such sites usually contain modules such as the referral exchange, where you can speculate on the sale/purchase of referrals; paid tasks, where advertisers pay performers for performing simple tasks, and many others. The book brings revenue to the administrator, due to the difference between the price of the ad order and the price for viewing it.

The script doubler (PAYEER doublers) – are a certain type of MLM games that became incredibly popular back in 2013. A secondary surge in popularity was the kiwi doublers, which became iconic in 2016. These doublers are designed on a single script, they are incredibly easy to recognize, and the most common plan is the plan for the day, with a profit percentage of 50%. In some cases, other rates may be present. These projects are the most common HYIPs.

Economic games with money withdrawal In the presented online games, revenue is based on an increase in the size, number and growth dynamics of game units. By investing in this kind of online games, a gamer can count on the withdrawal of the game’s funds and an increase in these funds. Games consist of investing, i.e. the gamer invests a certain amount, develops a strategy and makes a profit. The tool for earning money in these online games can be various items, for example, it can be plants or livestock. The principle of online gaming earnings is as follows; for example, a gamer becomes a farmer, raises chickens and goats, and grows vegetables. Naturally, in the beginning, he buys everything for this, and chickens and cattle and vegetable seeds. This is an investment in the game. Then the gamer sells the grown vegetables, goat’s milk and, for example, eggs, makes a profit and withdraws funds from the online game. It is also possible to make a profit by attracting new participants to the game-abstracts, this will increase the profit from online games by 10%, or even 200 % per month.

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